Tema Xiaomi iOS Alakadarnya 11 (3rd Apps)

Teknolime – This theme i’ve share in some groups, but its not fair i feel if i not share in this big forum althought this just simple themes but i really want to sharing

This theme have 2 version.
First theme with 3rd app modules and second without 3rd app module . Specially for the second signal and battery icon still use like ios10 . Enjoy both of theme .

Theme  iOS Alakadarnya v11
* Module apps
    – Whatsapps
    – Instagram (I use instragram+  version 10.14.0  it work in module apps)
    – Music app
    – Play store (app store)
    – You tube
    – More
* Quick ball
* Font support unicode logo
* New dialpad
* New icon
* New volume BG
* New system UI
* Renamed app
* Lock screen
* Setting
* Boot logo & boot animation
* Updater
* All like iOS 11 &  More

Screenshoot :

Download :