How to Maximize Camera Results on Android

TEKNOLIME – As a smartphone user, it’s possible that we often use cameras to capture moments of a certain moment. Whether it’s scenery, Panorama, or something else.But there are still many who have not been able to maximize their Camera Capture Results due to lack of attention to some important things.
Therefore, TEKNOLIME will share some Tips on How to Maximize Camera Results on Android.
1. Camera Settings
You can do settings on your phone’s Smartphone Default such as Brightness or contrast settings, ISO, Focus, or others. Also make sure you take pictures with sufficient lighting conditions
2. Megapixel
Megapixel is also one of the supporting factors of good image capture. Make sure you do have a smartphone that has a good quality mengapixel.
3. Use another Camera app
If your camera’s default camera is not good enough, try to download another camera app that has features that might be the same as the SLR. So you can set the ISO. Diagfragma, Brightness / Contrast, and others.
4. Using HDR Setting
Almost all smartphone cameras are equipped with HDR Mode or High Devinition Resolution. So that the catch of your smartphone camera can be more detailed and also look better.
Here are some ways to maximize the results of the camera on Android that you may apply. May be useful