5 Ways to Overcome Play Store Error

TEKNOLIME – As an Android User, Maybe you’ve experienced a condition where your Play Store can not be diaksess or you could say Error. This itself can happen because of some things that cause Play Store Error or can not be diaksess. But this can be overcome in several ways.
1. Restart Android Device
You can restart your Android if you playstore error. This may happen because the Play Store is not fully readable by your Android.
2. Check Date and Time Settings
Just like the BIOS on the Computer, sometimes the Play Store can not work properly if the Date and Time Settings on your Android do not fit properly. Therefore you can set it from the Settings menu on your Android.
3. Remove Chace and Data Play Store
Too much Chace on the Play Store can cause your Playstore Error and can not be diaksess. Therefore you can try clearing Chace and also the Play Store Data by going to Settings – Application – Play Store – Clear Chace and Clear Data
4. Close Forced Playstore App
If you still can not, you can force to close your Play Store app by going to Settings menu> Application> Play Store> Force Close. After that try to reopen your Play Store.
5. Check APN Settings
APN or Access Point Name also affect. Try to check your Internet APN for errors or not. Or you can use the default APN on your Internet Provider.
That’s 5 ways to Overcome Error on Playstore that you may apply. May be useful